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InterAcadem was founded in 2006 and over these years thousands students have been enrolled in academic and language programs in Russia and abroad.
What we offer in Russia:
  • Russian language programs
  • Bachelor and Master Degrees at Russian Universities which cover numerous professions from various fields from engineering to medicine.
  • Short-term business programs at business schools and universities
Our services:
  • providing consultations on the conditions of admission for studies at the Russian State Universities;
  • assisting in student's enrollment to the Russian State Universities according to the chosen specialization and Degree
  • visa support and registration with the Departments of Federal Migration Service of the Russian Federation (FMS RF);
  • meeting at the airports upon arrival, transfers and accommodation in student residences and hotels;
  • information support and protection of student’s interest during their stay of Russia.
We are committed to implementing high standards of quality, consulting students for the best choice. Just call us +7-800-775-17-47 or leave your request in our “Contact form “ on the right.

Education in Russia

During the last 10 years education market becomes global. Thousand and thousand students would like to continue their education abroad and get the opportunity to be successful in international career market. In the last years a growing number of foreign students would like to continue their education and study abroad, especially in Russia & CIS.

Universities in Russia

Students, who prefer to study in Russia, have a lot of ways, because there are more than 650 state universities, which provide wide range of education programs in different kind of fields and more than 300 specialties in medicine, engineering, IT, humanities and etc. As a rule, most students choose universities in Moscow, because this capital offers amazing opportunities for education and future career. About 80% of foreign students choose education programs in the main city of Russia. However, a lot of regional universities also provide qualified education programs. Every year thousand students begin medical, technical and physical education in the different regional Universities in Russia.

Medical education in Russia is very popular among international students, because medical schools in Russia one of the best in the world and tuition cost are more competitive than in the UK or USA for example. In the last year more than 5 000 students from over 20 different countries, who want to study medicine was enrolled to Universities in Russia.

Unfortunately, free education in Russia is not available for foreigners, but all tuition fees are in rubles and the equivalent of those amounts in USD or EUR will be less than it used to be, because of current currency rate.

Moreover, one of the most popular specialization among international students, who want to study in Russia is engineering. Technical Universities in Russia offer high quality of any kind of engineering programs.

Russia is a huge country with rich history and each student could find the educational program according his needs and wishes.